Philippe de Vosjoli


Renowned Author, Visionary, Breeder, Speaker, and "Godfather" of modern Herpetoculture.

Jim Sherman


 Jim has been fascinated by herps since early childhood. He studied Herpetology and vertebrate zoology at San Diego State University and co-discovered the sandstone night lizard with Lee Grismer. He was one of the founding members of the San Diego Herpetological Society.  His interest in plants has led him to the jungles of Thailand, the deserts of Sonora, Mexico, Australia and Israel in search of rare Ficus and other plants. He operates a plant nursery near San Diego, California where he grows a variety of caudiciform and vivarium plants in partnership with Philippe de Vosjoli.  

Mike Ready


Taylor Roush


Allen Repashy


Nick Mutton



Nick Mutton has been keeping and breeding pythons for over two decades. During that time he has worked extensively with 33 separate python taxa, including many of the world’s rarest. Throughout those years his primary focus has been on the Australasian pythons, with a special emphasis on the carpet python complex. Since 2006 Nick has been a full time python breeder. He currently maintains one of the country’s most extensive collections of Indo-Australian pythons. Nick is also co-author of two books: The Complete Carpet Python and The Complete Childrens python as well as multiple published articles on herpetological topics. Nick is currently working on two book projects as well as academic research into the phylogeny of pythons and other topics. He lives with his two sons in Spokane, WA.

Jay Sommers


Bob Mailloux


Dr Scott Stahl DVM



Dr. Stahl graduated from the University of Richmond with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1985. He went on to earn his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. He became board certified in avian practice through the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) in 1996. In addition to working as a clinical veterinarian in practice, Dr. Stahl is currently an adjunct professor of avian and exotic animal medicine at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.

Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services (SEAVS) was founded by Dr. Stahl in Vienna, VA, in 2003. He had always felt that birds and exotic animals deserved the same quality medicine readily available to more traditional pets, such as dogs and cats. His vision was to establish one of the largest avian and exotic exclusive veterinary specialty practices in the world. In 2009, Dr. Stahl moved SEAVS to a new, state-of-the-art, 5000 square foot facility in Fairfax City, Virginia, to accommodate the growth of the practice and the demand for exotic animal veterinary care in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Since its inception, SEAVS has grown from just two doctors and a handful of other staff members, to a five doctor practice employing around twenty technicians, assistants, and receptionists.

Dr. Stahl has personally trained over 200 veterinary students during his three decades of practice. SEAVS has continued this tradition, and its doctors and staff help in the training of both national and international students and veterinarians with a passion for avian and exotic animal medicine. SEAVS has been approved by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) as a training facility for the avian residency curriculum. The clinic also runs a competitive year-long internship program for licensed veterinarians looking to practice and expand their experience and training in avian and exotic medicine

As an active academic contributor to the field, Dr. Stahl has written over 150 scientific and popular papers and articles, as well as chapters in various textbooks. He is a renowned lecturer who frequently speaks at both national and international conferences and events. His professional areas of interest and research include endoscopy, endoscopic surgical techniques, ultrasound, and reproductive medicine and surgery.

Dr. Stahl resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters. His family and the clinic keep him quite busy, but in his free time he enjoys competitive cycling, breeding lizards and snakes, and playing ukulele.

Dmitri Tkachev



Speaker, Herpetoculturist, Journalist.

Owner, BION Terrarium Center, reptile’s import-export operation.

Founder, BION’s breeding Center, working successfully  with many rare species.

Established Propogation Center for herpetoculturists.

Unique experience of research of reptiles keeping, breeding and farming all over the world

(including Europe, Middle and South-Eastern Asia, Latin and North America, Africa and Europe)

Evgeny Ryboltovsky


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Jordan Russel


 Jordan Russell is the owner of California Breeders Union. He has kept reptiles, amphibians and birds since he was in grade school. Former commercial bird breeder and retail store owner, former direct importer, responsible for the installation of the farming system for Corucia zebrata in 2015, founder of RAACA. Currently he works with type bred Gargoyle Geckos, Kinixys Tortoises, African Hornbills and is the U.S. distributor for Canadian Coldblood Reptiles and Don Patterson Reptiles. 

Emmanuel van Haygen


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Jeffrey Lemm



Jeff Lemm is a zoo-based herpetologist that has been involved in conservation research of reptiles and amphibians for the past 27 years. A native San Diegan, Jeff grew up in the outdoors where his passion for herpetology began at a very early age. He has been keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians for over 35 years and has been fieldherping since he was a child. A keen photographer, Jeff has traveled the globe extensively in search of reptiles and amphibians. Jeff has published over 100 scientific and popular articles in herpetology as well as two books: Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles of the San Diego Region (2006) and Cyclura: Natural History, Husbandry, and Conservation of West Indian Rock Iguanas (2011). His latest venture is leading fieldherping and natural history tours to Cuba. If you’d like to join Jeff in Cuba, please visit https://www.cubirds.org/event/cuba-herpetology-natural-history-2019/

Matthias Lemm



Matthias Lemm is a young herpetology enthusiast and photographer from San Diego, California. He has been assisting his father, Jeff Lemm, with herpetological fieldwork since he was five years old and has been a fieldherping and reptile husbandry enthusiast for the last 10 years. Matthias has traveled throughout the United States, Australia, and Costa Rica in search of reptiles and amphibians and his photos of these subjects have won several awards. Matthias published his first scientific paper at age 10 and was the first Junior Herpetology Award winner at the International Herpetological Symposium in 2015 in San Antonia, Texas. Matthias is currently working on several publications when he has time away from his busy school, herping, fishing and surfing schedules.

Donald Schultz


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John Michels


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Dr. Rodger Klingenberg DVM


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Rob Nixon


 Rob Nixon has a life-long interest in natural history. Since 1996, he has worked as a biologist, living in the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts. His interests and experience conducting field studies on a variety of organisms throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico has given him familiarity with the remarkable flora, fauna, and cultures indigenous to these regions and their relationships with the environment. 

Andrew Gilpin


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Petr Necas


 Petr Necas Chameleon profile Petr Necas Czech Herpetologist with deep love of and great passion for chameleons, spent 30 years travelling to Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Arabian penninsula, India and USA to study them in the wild and in captivity. Author of dozens of scientific articles and several herpetological books, one of which is considered a basal work of chameleonology: “Chameleons, the nature’s hidden jewels”, published in 5 languages. Another book is the only book on the leaf chameleons ever published: “Stump-tailed Chameleons: Miniature Dragons of the Rainforest, the Genera Brookesia and Rhampholeon”.  Author of descriptions of new chameleon taxa such as Trioceros tremperi, T. fitchi, T. narraioca, T. ntunte, Kinyongia asheorum, K. boehmei, K. vanheygeni and a snake parasite (Isospora atheridis).  For his contributions to chameleonology, a chameleon species (Chamaeleo necasi) and a chameleon coccidian parasite (Isospora necasi) were described and named in his honor. He was one of the people that introduced Chamaeleo calyptratus to herpetoculture, almost the entire US population of them originated from his breeds. Petr is active in international field as expert and advisor helping chameleon communities to grow, spread correct information, promote best practice in chameleon husbandry and protect the rights of chameleons.  He is currently working on three new books on chameleons. His photographs have been published in many magazines and books. 

Phil Goss



Phil Goss has served as president of USARK since 2013. In that time, USARK has seen unprecedented success for an advocacy organization of its size, limited resources, and short history. Phil has authored language which has turned into law at multiple levels of government and worked diligently to protect the freedoms of responsible herpetoculturists. USARK and the Reptile Nation have witnessed dozens of victories over the last six years, while also expanding into related issues such as CITES and the Endangered Species Act. Phil has made certain that USARK does more than combat overreaching laws, including helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for reptile conservation and educational outreach. Phil has also been a reptile keeper and breeder for over twenty years, having bred dozens of species.

Quetzal Dwyer


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Craig Barnhart


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Dr. Scott Stahl DVM


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