Herpeton 2020 SCHEDULE - Thursday April 30- Sunday May 3rd.

0Thurs0day 9:30-10:15  Brian Kusko (Representing Freedom Breeders) Reptile Rack Systems-Sizing,   Selection3, Maintenance, and Climate Control.   

                                         Free For All   Thursday (No Event Registration Required)       

Thursday 9:00-9:20  Conversation and Coffee


Thursday 9:20-9:30  Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy: Opening Remarks   

Thursday 9:30-10:15  Brian Kusko (Representing Freedom Breeders) Reptile Rack Systems-Sizing,   Selection, Maintenance, and Climate Control.   

Thursday 10:15-11:00  Ryan McVeigh (representing Zilla)   UV Lighting for Reptiles, Folklore vs. Fact.   

Thursday 11:00-11:15  BREAK  

Thursday 11:15-12:00  Josh Willard and Zach Brinks (representing Josh's Frogs) Amphibians -   Surviving the future as Breeders and Businesses.   

Thursday 12:00-12:45  Todd Goodman (representing timberline) Feeder insects, a look at available   species, nutritional values, maintenance, and gutloading.   

Thursday 12:45-1:45  LUNCH   

Thursday 1:45-2:30  Emmanuel Van Heygen (Representing Exo-Terra) Topic to be determined.   

Thursday 2:30-2:45  Allen Repashy (Representing Repashy) Artificial Diets, Past, Present, and   Future.   

Thursday 2:45-3:00 BREAK   

Thursday 3:00-3:45  Chad Brown (Representing Ship Your Reptiles) Tips and Techiques for   safely and responsibly shipping Reptiles and Amphibians.   

Thursday 3:45-4:30 Gary Bagnell (representing Zoomed) Paludariums. Setup and maintenance of   these unique and interesting biotopes.   


Thursday 6:00-8:00  Icebreaker     (Registered Guests Only)     


Friday 8:30-8:45  Conversation and Coffee   

Friday 8:45-9:00  Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy: Opening Remarks   

Friday 9:00-9:45 Jeff Lemm: Herping in Cuba   

Friday 9:45-10:30  Roy Arthur Blodgett: Cryptic Giants: Introducing the Amazing Amazon   Puffing Snake (Spilotes sulphureus)   

Friday 2:45-3:00  BREAK

Friday 10:45-11:30 Brandon Fowler Developing a Successful Outreach and Education Program with Live Reptiles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates. 


Friday 11:30-12:15  Scott Eiper: Blue-Tongue Skinks and their Relatives. Tiliqua in the 


Friday 12:15-1:15  LUNCH   

Friday 1:15-2:00  Kamuran Tepedelen: Boelen’s and Savu Pythons   

Friday 2:00-2:45   Philip Lietz: Uromastyx : Misconceptions, Insights, and their Place in US   Herpetoculture   

Friday 2:45-3:00   BREAK

Friday 3:00-3:45  Matthew Most: An Encounter with Living Gems of the Orient: A Review of   Asiatic Ratsnakes.   

Friday 3:45-4:30  Emily Roberts: How to Build and Grow a Reptile and Amphibian Blog   Responsibly   

Friday 4:30-5:15  James Lindros: Husbandry and Propagation of Micro Geckos




Saturday 8:30-8:45  Conversation and Coffee   

Saturday 8:45-9:00 Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy: Opening Remarks  

 Saturday 9:00-9:45  Jay Sommer: Anolis: Diverse,   Beautiful, and Poorly represented in Herpetoculture. Includes Notes on   Husbandry and Breeding.   

Saturday 9:45-10:30  Scott Stahl DVM: Viral and Bacterial Disease in Reptiles and Amphibians.

Saturday 10:30-10:45  Break   

Saturday 10:45-11:30  Erica Mead: Starting and Managing a Responsible Reptile Rehabilitation   and Rehoming Organization  

Saturday 11:30-12:15  Scott Eiper: The Lizards of Oz. Experience with Australian Varanids in   the Field and How that has Shaped our Management of Captive Reptiles


Saturday 12:15-1:15  LUNCH   Saturday 1:15-2:00 45  John Michels: Captive Husbandry of the Drymarchon genus. An Introduction   to Breeding Indigos and Cribos.  


Saturday 2:00-2:45  Ashley Rademacher: Reaching the Younger Generation (the future of our hobby)

Saturday 2:45-3:00 15  BREAK   

Saturday 3:00-3:45  Bill Strand: Perspectives on Multigenerational Breeding of Chameleons


Saturday 3:45-4:30  Myke Clarkson: Keeping Banded File snakes (Acrochordus granulatus) with   notes on Natural history and Fungal Disease. 


Saturday 6:00-9:00  Banquet Dinner and Auction            


 Sunday 8:30-8:45  Conversation and Coffee  

Sunday 8:45-9:00  Philippe de Vosjoli and Allen Repashy: Opening Remarks  


Sunday 9:00-9:45  Josh Jones Building a State by State Reptile and Amphibian Response   network in cooperation with PIJAC and USARK   

Sunday 9:45-10:30 Ryan McVeigh: How to Start, Manage, or Repair a Local Herp Society.

Sunday 10:30-10:45 BREAK

Sunday 10:45-11:30-  Philippe de Vosjolii and Robert Mailloux: Waxy Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa   sauvagei). An Overview of Care and Natural History   

Sunday 11:30-12:15  Russ Gurley: Turtle TBA   

Sunday 12:15-1:00  Round Table 


 Sunday 1:00-1:15  Closing Remarks         


ARCHIVE - HErpeton 2019 Schedule, June 6-9


Marriott Courtyard

595 Hotel Circle South,  San Diego, California 92108

Website: www.Herpeton.org

CONFERENCE VIDEOGRAPHER: Brian Kusko, Triple B Reptiles


Icebreaker 5pm -8 pm

  • [6:00-7:00 pm] Reptiles and Amphibians of San Diego County: Jeff Lemm


9 am -5 pm with hour lunch break

  • [8:45-9:15 am]  Opening talk: Allen Repashy and Philippe de Vosjoli
  • [9:15-10:00 am]  The Status of Phyllomedusine treefrogs in the Amphibian Hobby: Mike Ready
  • [10:00-10:30 am]  Ficus Species for Vivariums: Jim Sherman 
  • [10:30-10:40 am]  Break
  • [10:40-11:20 am]  Overview of New Caledonian Chahoua Geckos: Andrew Gilpin
  • [11:20-11:50 am]  Ethopian Vipers: Brett Baldwin
  • [11:50-12:30 pm]  Turtles and Tortoises: Their Future in Herpetoculture: Russ Gurley
  • [12:30-1:30 pm]  Lunch
  • [1:30-1:50 pm]  BION Terrarium Center as a business and breeding operation: Dmitri Tkachev (BION, Ukraine)
  • [1:50-2:15 am] BION as a Center for Creating Reserve Populations of Rare Species, with a Focus on Parson’s Chameleon: Petr Necas (author, chameleon expert, BION, Ukraine)
  • [2:15-2:55 pm]  Carpet and Centralian Pythons: Nick Mutton (Inland Reptile)
  • [2:55-3:35 pm]  Infectious Disease, Metabolic Bone Disease, and other topics in Reptiles and Amphibians. Q&A: Scott Stahl

  • [3:35-3:45 pm]  Break
  • [3:45-4:15 pm]  The value of private hobbyists in the conservation of species diversity in amphibians: Evgenie Ryboltovsky (Zoocom, Russia)
  • [4:15-4:45 pm]  Husbandry and Propagation of Egernia: Allen Repashy
  • [4:45-5:15 pm]  Lizard Conundrum: Keeping and breeding Blue Tegu's: Russ Gurley
  • [4:55-5:00  pm]  End of Day Talk: Allen Repashy and Philippe de Vosjoli


9 am -5 pm with hour lunch break

  • [8:45-9:00 am]  Intro
  • [9:00-9:20 am]  Proactive Herpetoculture: Jordan Russell
  • [9:20-9:50 am]  Herping with Legends: Mentorship in the Field: Matthias Lemm
  • [9:50 -10:10 am]  Principles and Formulations of Bioactive Substrates: Taylor Roush
  • [10:10-10:20 am]  Break
  • [10:20-11:00 am]   The dwarf pythons of the genus Antaresia : Justin Julander 
  • [11:00-11:40 am]  Herpetoculture Costa Rica Style: Quetzal Dwyer (Reptilandia, Costa Rica)
  • [11:40-12:20]  Newts and Salamanders in Herpetoculture: Jay Sommers
  • [12:20-1:20 pm]  Lunch
  • [1:20-2:20 pm]  Does it matter if you're dull? The Emerging Role of Carotenoids in Amphibian Nutrition, Health, and Reproduction: Dr Andrea Fidgett
  • [2:20-2:50 pm]  Husbandry and of Propagation of the Borneo Earless Monitor: Rob Nixon
  • [2:50-3:00 pm]  Break
  • [3:00-3:40 pm]  Tortoises at Kapidolo Farms: Self-supported Secondary Research: Will Espenshade
  • [3:40-4:00 pm]  Western Miniatures - Keeping small Western Desert Snakes in Captivity. John Tashjian
  • [4:00-5:00 pm]  Reptile Theriogenology: New Techniques in Reproductive Management: Scott Stahl 


Banquet + Presentations. 6 pm-9 pm

  • [6:00-7:15 pm]  Meal Time
  • [7:00-8:00 pm]  Biogeography of Day Geckos in the Western Indian Ocean: Emmanuel van Heygen (Exo Terra)
  • [8:00-8:30 pm]  ‘Legends’ Awards Presentations
  • [8:30-9:00 pm]  Auction to Benefit USARK


9am -1pm

  • [9:15-9:20 am]  Intro
  • [9:20-10:00 am]   Social responsibility and the herpetoculture trade; considerations from Fijian iguanas and albino kingsnakes in the Canary Islands : Robert Fisher 
  • [10:00-10:40 am]  Mixed Species Vivariums: Philippe de Vosjoli
  • [10:40-10:50 am]  Break
  • [10:50-11:20 am]  USARK Present and Upcoming Legal and Regulatory Challenges in t: Phil Goss
  • [11:20-11:40 am]  Why Herpetoculture should be an Integral Part of our Educational System: Philippe de Vosjoli
  • [11:40-12:20 am]  The Future of Herpetoculture: Round table
  • [12:20-12:30 pm]  Closing Remarks: The Future of Herpeton: Allen Repashy/Philippe de Vosjoli