HErpeton 2019 Schedule, June 6-9


Where: Marriott Courtyard

595 Hotel Circle South,  San Diego, California 92108

Website: www.Herpeton.org

CONFERENCE VIDEOGRAPHER: Brian Kusko, Triple B Reptiles


Icebreaker 6pm -9 pm 


9 am -5 pm with hour lunch break

Preliminary List of Topics and Confirmed Speakers. Many more to come on veterinary medicine, rare amphibians, turtles and more…. 

Actual talk titles and abstracts will be published on the Herpeton website in March. Talk schedule will be posted in May.

Opening talk Allen Repashy and Philippe de Vosjoli

Ficus Species for Vivariums Jim Sherman 

BION as a Center for Creating Reserve Populations of Rare Species, with a Focus on Parson’s Chameleon. Petr Nechas (author, chameleon expert, BION, Ukraine)

Overview of New Caledonian Mossy Geckos (Mniarogekko) Andrew Gilpin

Principles and Formulations of Bioactive Substrates Taylor Roush

Husbandry and Propagation of Egernia Allen Repashy

The Status of Phyllomedusine treefrogs in the Amphibian Hobby Mike Ready

Herpetoculture Costa Rica Style. Quetzal Dwyer (Reptilandia,, Costa Rica)

Newts and Salamanders in Herpetoculture Jay Sommers

Carpet and Centralian Pythons. Nick Mutton (Inland Reptile) 

Proactive Herpetoculture. Jordan Russell

Husbandry and of Propagation of the Borneo Earless Monitor. Rob Nixon

BION Terrarium Center as a business and breeding operation. Dmitri Tkachev (BION, Ukraine)

Resistance of Snakes to Venomous Snakebite and Medical Applications. Donald Schultz 

The value of private hobbyists in th conservation of species diversity in amphibians. Evgenie Ryboltovsky (Zoocom, Russia).

Indigos and Cribos. John Michels /Chris Rodriguez (Black Pearl Reptiles)

Kokedama Modular Vivarium Design. Craig Barnhart

Mixed Species Vivariums Philippe de Vosjoli

Rear-fanged snakes Overview of species available to hobbyists (Boiga, Philodryas, Thrasops, Hydrodynastes, others) Speakers TBA


Banquet + Presentations. 6 pm-10 pm

Madagascar. Emmanuel van Heygen (Exo Terra)

Photographic Presentation: Herpetocultural Conservation Multiple speakers

‘Legends’ Awards Presentations

SUNDAY JUNE 9 9am -1pm

The Future of Herpetoculture Round table

Present and Upcoming Legal and Regulatory Challenges of Herpetoculture

Why Herpetoculture Should be an Integral Part of our Educational System

Closing talk Allen Repashy/Philippe de Vosjoli